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You want to write your own book, but don't quite know where to start. Let our team of established authors plot a book that will fly off the shelves

2000 word outline $250
5000 word outline $350

Lover's Embrace


 CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE - other genres available

Set-up/Act 1:

Hazel has gone through a horrible divorce. Since she’s able to work from home, she decides to return to her hometown to lick her wounds.

Jason, who has gone to high school with Hazel and always been in love with her, sees this as his chance to finally make his move.

Inciting Incident:

Hazel doesn’t want to end up in a tumultuous relationship again. While working from home, she decides to distract herself from her heartache by working for the annual fall festival.

After getting a no when asking Hazel out on a date, Jason plans to throw himself fully into the annual fall festival, for which he as a winemaker has a lot to do.

1st plot point:

Hazel’s volunteer inquiry is assigned to Jason. She’ll be helping him with setting up and running the wine tasting. They are now forced to work together.

Beat 1:

Hazel realizes that Jason is nothing like her ex.

Beat 2:

Hazel warms up to Jason as he teaches her about wine and they reminisce about high school.

Beat 3:

But before Hazel can ask Jason out on a date, another woman, the town’s beauty, asks Jason out.

1st Pinch:

Someone has destroyed several of Jason’s wine cases.

Beat 1:

Jason is devastated and wants to back out of doing the fall festival this year. Hazel won’t let him. She figures out a way how they can still participate.

Beat 2:

Hazel starts investigating around town, determined to figure out who is trying to sabotage Jason and why.

Beat 3:

Jason decides to stop dating the other woman as she’s insensitive to his work troubles. She is annoyed and humiliates him in public.


Jason and Hazel finally kiss after a successful first day of wine tasting and many sales...

Once purchased, you get 2nd Pinch, moment of the dark soul, 2nd plot point, climax, resolution as well as 3 beats in between each structural point.

Holding Hands

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