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Kingdom of fairytales 

secret freebies

As a special treat to our readers, and to all of you who have signed up to our newsletter we will be giving you a very special freebie each month. From colouring pages, to character journals you will be given something from each kingdom the same month the books go live.

Azia ~ Season 1 Freebie

Azia Freebie .jpg
Blaise colouring.jpg

blaise~ Season 2 Freebie

AML Essential Rules.jpg

Castiel ~ Season 3 Freebie

Castiel cocktail.jpg

drink responsibly. only suitable for persons old enough to drink legally in their home country.

Castiel Patreon Letter 1.jpg

Deon ~ Season 4 Freebie

Click on the pdf link below to see some love letters between deon and Lillian. Caution ~ contains spoilers!

Eliana ~ Season 5 Freebie

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