Laura writes multi-genre romance keeping to Christian values.
As a big fan of books and movies, Laura feels there is a hungry audience out there looking for high-quality fiction, with exciting and moving storylines that are clean and wholesome too.
That's what you get with her books, it's safe to say to expect the unexpected, but you won't find anything unsuitable for teenagers to read.

Laura Burton is a young British author who lives in Wiltshire, England.

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A short Christmas romance to warm your heart this winter.

Lottie: I hate Christmas.

The LED lights give me a headache.

I can't sing. And I get sick. Every. Single. Year.

This year is the worst. My Nan is practically on her deathbed and has planned for the biggest Christmas party this world has ever seen. Everyone will be there. Lucas Green is invited. My childhood crush. The guy I've been stuck in the friend zone for years. This is my last chance to get him to notice me. But how do I stop looking like an idiot with all the Christmas cheese at every turn?

Lucas: It's the best time of year.

Business is booming.

Ada's about to give birth any day now.

The town is full of cheer. And Lottie is coming home for the holidays.

This is it. The year I finally make a move. Otherwise I think Ada will kill me. Problem is, every time I see her, my legs turn to jelly and I act like a total idiot. I need to woo her with lots of Christmas surprises. I mean, who doesn't love Christmas? Nothing can go wrong.

An adorable Christmas story including all of the couples from the 'Love Me' series. Laughter, tear-jerking moments and swoon-worthy romance all wrapped up in Christmas gift wrap. A British Christmas romance suitable for all ages.

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Julie does not love being the center of attention.

She makes dresses for those who do.

But when Emily, her matchmaking friend begs for a favor,

Julie can't say no.

It was supposed to be just one date. 

She never expected to kiss the guy.

Then fall head over heels for him.


When threats start rolling in it becomes clear,

Someone will do whatever it takes to break them apart.

Now she’s in too deep and walking away isn’t an option.


But with the paparazzi and drama involved, Julie can not help but wonder,

Who wants to love a Billionaire?


Hollywood producer Harry Jackson is not an alpha male. 

He’s goofy, sensitive and will move mountains to make everyone happy.

In fact, he requires a whole team of people to keep him from being robbed blind. 

Sometimes he even needs saving from his love of bad puns.


But when an enemy threatens to jeapardize his chance at love,

it’s time to step up and fight.

He’s terrified.

But the thought of losing Julie scares him more.

Billionaire 2.jpg

He’s got 10 days to get a woman to fall in love with him. Sealed with a kiss. Only one problem: He’s not allowed to tell her he’s rich.


Edward Marks is a Billionaire with a big heart and an even bigger ego. 

He loves to flash the cash and sweep a woman off her feet. 

He thinks he can get any woman he wants. 

But when his best friend, Sam suggests he could never get a woman to love him without flashing the cash, he takes on a challenge. 

The deal is made. 

Get a woman to fall in love with him in 10 days. 

She can’t know he’s a billionaire

And he must not spend more than $100 a day. 


It's just supposed to be a challenge. 

Edward loves a game. He’s a winner, after all.

But when he meets Catherine Fisher ––a beautiful opera singer in New York–– He thinks he’s won the jackpot. Problem is, Catherine does not appreciate his cheesy chat up lines and cocky nature. 

Before long, he’s smitten and suddenly more than a wager is at stake as he tries everything to get Catherine to realize he's the man of her dreams.


Catherine Fisher has had bad luck when it comes to men. 

Her ex-boyfriend was controlling and manipulative. 

She once believed in true love. She sings about it for her day job, after all. 

Now, she believes all men are pariahs and thinks Edward Marks is no different. 

But underneath his confident grin and bulging biceps, she sees a glimmer of something vulnerable and authentic just waiting to be found. 

Can she overcome her troubled past and learn to love again?


And what will she do when her dreaded past comes knocking on her door?


A clean, undercover Billionaire romance set in New York. Book #2 in the Billionaires in New York series. Can be read as a standalone.

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