D.D. Croix

D.D. Croix writes fantasy fiction that conjures magic and history with a twist of mystery. Under a pseudonym, she also writes award-winning contemporary romance and historical novels that have been translated into multiple languages. She lives with her family in Southern California, where she drinks tea from a mug (don't judge), collects geeky T-shirts, and counts her lucky stars.

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** Recipient of Readers' Favorite's Five-Star Seal **

A supernatural secret in Queen Victoria's court sends a young maid on a hunt for a killer and thrusts her into a dark fae's plot.

A young woman haunted by visions is tapped to protect Queen Victoria by Fayte Guardians, a shadowy order that operates as ordinary castle servants yet claims a powerful ally from the fae realm.

But is Jane really hunting a killer, as she's been told? Or is she merely a pawn in their plot?

She must use her wits and master her abilities—with help from a peculiar dragonfly—to unravel the truth, save the crown, and ultimately confront an otherworldly enemy driven to destroy them all.

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A Fayte Guardian with secrets. A dark fae craves her power. Only one will survive their battle of wits, wile, and magic.


 After rescuing Queen Victoria from an otherworldly enemy, Jane has settled comfortably into her new life as a Fayte Guardian, working as a maid in the royal kitchen while standing ready to protect the sovereign from any worldly--and otherworldly--threats. She finally has friends, a purpose, and a promising romance. But when she visits Balmoral Castle in Scotland's misty hills, she discovers the battle she thought she won isn't over at all.

Something evil lurks in the heart of the Fayte stronghold, and when she investigates, she's drawn into a conspiracy that threatens everyone and everything she holds dear. Left wounded and on the run, she doesn't know who she can trust--old friends, new friends, even her peculiar dragonfly friend. 

To find the strength to fight an enemy that knows her better than she knows herself, Jane must master new supernatural powers and dig into the past she can't remember for answers to questions she doesn't want to face. 

Can Jane defeat the Fayte Guardians' most dangerous foe before he destroys her, the Queen, and the Order itself?'


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