Karen Tomlinson

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Karen Tomlinson is a USA Today Bestselling Author, who loves to write fantasy, paranormal, and urban fantasy stories

Karen adores books and will read any that catch her eye. She was whisked away by fairies as a child, has been a dragon rider, and grew up learning to kick ass. (This bit’s true!) She likes nothing better than an epic story full of romance, fantasy, fast-paced adventure, strong women, and beautifully imperfect characters. She lives in Derbyshire, England, (think Mr Darcy territory) with her husband, twin girls, and her dalmatian. When she’s not busy working, writing, reading (or eating cake and drinking coffee) Karen likes to keep fit by practicing karate, going to the gym, walking in the hills, or dancing around the kitchen with her earbuds in and singing badly!

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This digital boxed set includes all four books in the Goddess and the Guardians series, more than 1,500 pages of fantasy, romance, magic, and fae!

A half-fae village girl with undiscovered power. A vicious fae warrior with a conflicted heart. And a bond powerful enough to strengthen them both, or tear their world apart.

When Diamond Gillon's home is brutally attacked, she is catapulted into a terrifying, war-torn land where legendary beasts arise, magic is condemned, and half-blood fae like her have no rights. Inexplicably, she is drawn to Commander Hugo Casimir, a ruthless elite guard owned by the cruel, immortal fae queen. Forced by the queen to train her magic, Diamond becomes a weapon. Now she must triumph against the queen’s enemies or see those she loves, die.

Commander Hugo Casimir believes he is good for nothing but ending lives. To endure his servitude to the queen, he has built a wall around his heart and hides it away from the world. Only when he meets Diamond does he consider that his life can mean so much more, that he can be so much more.

But Hugo’s queen is determined not to lose his loyalty—or him. To keep Diamond alive Hugo must make them both believe he is as cold-hearted as ever. Neither Diamond nor Hugo are aware that beyond the veil to the mortal world, the god of Chaos awaits. Soon both must embrace the bonds which unite them and seize their destiny, for war is coming. And the fate of the Eight Kingdoms rests with them...

Prepare yourself for magical lands, heart-pounding battles, sailing through vast oceans, and flying with fierce dragons in this epic romantic fantasy that fans of Sarah J. Maas will love.

This breathtaking series is the read you never knew you were waiting for. Dive in now!


I was handed a miracle. I found my soulmate. Only I never thought that she would reject me.

Selina is mine. She is my future. My everything. Until she rejects me, ripping my heart out. Now I spend my life trying to dull the never-ending agony she left behind. I've become a cold-hearted killer. I’ve neglected my pack, my duty, even my brothers. As one of the most powerful shifters in this world, I know a challenge for my position as Beta to the King of Shifters is inevitable. But it never happens. Instead, I’m ordered to become Alpha to a remote pack of shifters and to hunt and kill whoever is suicidal enough to kidnap and threaten our kind. But Fate, bitch that she is, throws my soulmate into my path once again. This time, though, I’m ready. This time I have armoured my heart against her.

At least, that’s what I tell myself—until I’m staring into those beautiful jade eyes once again.

I soon discover that danger lurks in the darkness of the small town. But I am a Shadow Sentinel, a warrior, an Alpha, and above all else, a shifter with a mate who needs me, even if she will not admit it.

This time there will be no running. For either of us. I will protect her. And I will win her. Because she is mine. And no amount of evil will ever take her from me.


This omnibus edition contains all four books in the complete Shadow
Sentinels series bound together in one thrilling package! Plus a bonus chapter to complete the series!

My name is Ember Rawson, and I made a terrible mistake.

I trusted the Supernatural Bureau of Investigation.
And they destroyed everything I loved.

I had no choice but to run.

Now I am a drug-dealing wolf-shifter; a link between the criminals of our
world and Faerie. But through that link, I seek the only thing left to me;

It is my only focus. Until I get caught.

Thrown into a brutal supernatural prison, I come face to face with my
past—in the shape of a powerful Alpha Prime. The King of the Were
prisoners is one hot SOB, and the moment we meet sparks fly. When he makes it
perfectly clear that my life belongs to him those sparks only burn hotter.

"I won't let any other male touch you. You have twenty-four hours to
consider my offer."

Survival takes on a new meaning as I battle to win in a world of fight rings,
demons, and betrayal. But all the fighting skills in the world can't protect me
from him. Because this is the deadliest Alpha I've ever met, and fate
decided a long time ago that my heart and my soul are his. Even in this
violent world, he is the most dangerous thing to my survival.

Now I must protect my deepest secret.