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With several books in my catalog, I write clean, feel-good romance. Follow my author journey, fueled with coffee and never-ending ideas. I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with my husband, Alex. When not writing, I enjoy reading, watching movies, traveling, live theater, and Pirates baseball. I also believe life is too short to eat anything other than premium chocolate and enjoy a glass of raspberry champagne from time to time.


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A Second Chance Romance

Years earlier, in front of the Sunset Inn, Sunlyn Bean & Tradd Morrison become fast friends when they crash into each other while riding their bikes. Dating and graduating high school, they promise to attend the same college. But after writing their hopes and dreams in the journal inside the Kindred Spirit Mailbox, Sunlyn has a change of heart. Pushing Tradd to follow his dreams without her, Sunlyn stays behind on the North Carolina Island.

Twenty years later, Tradd leaves his Manhattan restaurant to prepare his mother's beach house for selling. Surprised to find Sunlyn still working at her uncle's coffee shop, Tradd wonders if she ever left the island to pursue her dreams.

Can they resurrect their relationship, or is it too late for a second chance at romance?

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It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt . . .

All Marina wants to do is celebrate her grandmother's birthday without getting the third degree about her dating life. She needs a boyfriend and fast. Can a chance meeting on a sidewalk solve her problem?

Noticing an attractive woman wearing stilettos and pacing in front of a restaurant, Tag's plans changed. All he wanted to do was grab some food and head home, but instead, he offers to help the frantic stranger.

As their fake dating becomes not so fake, Marina learns that Tag's offer to help wasn't as random as she thought.

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There are two things in life that Bleu Kolton is passionate about: painting and music.

Hoping to secure a showing at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, the last thing Bleu has on her mind is a romantic arrangement.

Bleu accepts a position at the local community center and moves into The Studios, a chic apartment building, in Gray Ash, Ohio.

Soon afterward, Haden Parker moves into the apartment building, disrupting her plans. After a sketchy start, Bleu and Haden settle into the beginnings of a relationship.

Before the paint dries on their fresh start, Bleu learns about Haden's secret tendencies, including one secret that she can't bear, and breaks up with him.

Can Haden find a way to show Bleu things aren't always as they seem and have them stop spinning in circles before their song ends for the final time?