Claire Sanders

After many years of writing and publishing in the nonfiction world of academia, Claire turned her energy, humor, and creativity towards the production of compelling romantic fiction. Claire writes captivating stories that fit the genres of contemporary, historical, and inspirational romance. Claire creates heroes any woman would want to be with and heroines who overcome all obstacles to find love. Written with wit and tenderness, her stories engage the readers’ hearts and imaginations. Readers will find themselves anxiously turning the pages to find out what happens next. Claire lives in the greater Houston area with her family. When she isn’t writing, you’ll find her cooking, gardening, and dreaming of places to travel.

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Simon Mason taught all his children how to play baseball, including his only daughter, Abigail. But it's 1910, and Abigail is more interested in keeping her baseball prowess a secret so she can prove she's not a tomboy. When the home team is faced with forfeiting the championship game, will Abigail step up to the plate?

Abigail and her three brothers will charm their way into your hearts as each fights for love.


Hildy Campbell's life is about to change. As a beautiful, single, and rich woman, she's been warned about fortune hunters and confidence men. But she never expected two men to vie for her hand.

Carson Forester is a devastatingly handsome Wall Street financier who comes to Brightfield with two proposals for Hildy - invest in his real estate development and unite her wealth with his in marriage. Carson is the perfect match for her. Isn't he?

Andrew Mason has secretly loved Hildy for five years. He's far from rich, and many say he's too young for her, but no one doubts he's a good man.

With her future in jeopardy, will Hildy let others' expectations decide her life?

Return to Brightfield, and enjoy this lighthearted, sweet romance about the youngest of the Mason brothers.

Greta Franklin has a shameful secret that has forced her into a solitary life. She says she’s married to a traveling salesman, but no one has ever seen him. Is she telling the truth?

George Mason is determined to find out. As a man of honor, George would never make romantic advances toward a married woman, but he’s fighting a battle with his conscience when it comes to Greta. His heart knows she’s the woman for him, no matter what barriers he has to knock down.

The only way Greta can accept the love George offers is to confront the man who hurt her, confess her mistake to her parents, and admit the truth to the town’s biggest gossips.

Return to Brightfield in Book Three of “The Masons of Brightfield” series to find out if Greta can find the courage to face her past and accept George’s love.