Sheena Austin is the author of The Spirit of Mr. Darcy which is featured in Most Ardently: An Austen-Inspired Christmas Collection, The Trouble with Demons, Guinevere's Curse which is featured in Beyond Camelot-A Crazy Ink Anthology, Journey of the Heart, and Memoirs of a Disillusioned Heart. A lover of all romance, fantasy, cat whisperer, and Kermit obsessed, the author currently lives in Virginia with her boyfriend and two cats.

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This Mr. Darcy isn’t the man she thought he was. In fact, he isn’t a man at all.

When schoolteacher Elizabeth Bennet Smith—yes, named after that Elizabeth Bennet—agreed to accompany her best friend Delilah to Venice for the holidays, she didn’t really believe it would change her life.

But she could dream, right?

After all, there could be no more fitting place to find her own Fitzwilliam Darcy than on a trip to Europe, capped off by a traditional Venetian masquerade ball.

At first the whole trip seems like a dream come true.

But that dream is about to turn into a nightmare.

And when Lizzie realizes she’s the only one who can stop it—the nightmare only grows more horrifying.

It’s not pride or prejudice interfering with her dreams. It’s sheer terror.

Fans of Faith Hunter, Ilona Andrews, K.F. Breene, Jane Austen retellings, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer will all love this Austen themed urban fantasy. 


Michelle always knew the head cheerleader who stole her boyfriend was demonic.


She just didn’t realize Janice was an actual demon. And that’s not even the most interesting revelation of Michelle’s eighteenth birthday—also, coincidentally, prom night. She also learns that she is a half-angel warrior. And nothing could make for a more satisfying birthday-prom than sending that demon cheerleader straight back to hell. Then she discovers that her parents didn’t die when she was 16, after all. They’re alive, and they need her help. What else is a half-angel warrior to do? She heads out to kick some demon ass. Lucky for her, she’s also got her best friend Jonathan by her side. But there are still things she doesn’t know—not only about this hidden world she’s discovered, but about Jonathan himself. And those things could kill her if she isn’t careful.


Beauty and the Beast, but not how you remember it...

Deep in the forest, a castle hides. No one knows who lives there, but rumors of a beast keep people away.

Cloaked in shadows, hidden from view, a prince destroyed by a curse shuts himself away from the world, ashamed of the beast he’s become.

And in the village, a beautiful girl with her nose in a book, yearns for something more.

True love is the only thing that can break his curse. True love is the one thing she’s looking for, but how can they find true love when neither knows the other exists?

Find out if love really can defy all odds in this set of nine captivating retellings of the classic fairytale, filled with love, hope and the strength of two people willing to do whatever it takes...

One click now for your happily ever after.
Take a seat at the Round Table and venture back through legend and myth to discover the secrets of King Arthur's court.

Will you drink from the Holy Grail? Joust with the Knights of the Round Table? Wield the mighty Excalibur or take your chances with the Lady of the Lake?You may think you've heard all the stories of Lancelot, Arthur, Guinevere, and Merlin, but when these Crazy Ink authors go Beyond Camelot, you'll find there may be a few nicks in the table…


Memoirs of a Disillusioned Heart is a candid collection of poetry that ranges from the stages of falling in love to breaking free from toxic relationships.

These poems reflect a metamorphosis of a broken heart blossoming into a butterfly, and finally learning life lessons that were wrapped up in messy relationships and in trusting the wrong people.

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