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IreAnne Chambers writes Fun, Cozy, Historicals, and Then Some... Books filled with the spirit and tone of the traditional regency weaved with the promise of mystery, adventure, and mishap to create a happy ever after with plenty of fun and surprises along the way.
#SweetCozyReads (clean romance + cozy mystery = family friendly fiction)

IreAnne looked to her Scottish and Irish heritage and discovered the name Eireann. Eire means Ireland in Gaelic and IreAnne was born after a quick search confirmed the name's uniqueness. IreAnne also enjoys writing poetry and song lyrics, but her love of the regency romances of Jane Austen, filled with dashing heroes and feisty heroines, spurs her desire to write in the genre. As Novelist and Nobel Prize Winner Toni Morrison said, "If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." IreAnne does just that.

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When chivalry and folly collide, can true love be far behind?

The last thing Lady Cordelia Rutledge expected to find during her family visit to Guernsey Island was a husband. But when an innocent tour of the island finds her stranded, unchaperoned, with her charming guide, an arranged marriage seems imminent as the only way to satisfy her family and salvage her reputation. So much for her tour of the continent…
If archaeologist Marshall Compton, Marquess of Daventry, had known his chivalrous offer to act as the lovely Cordelia’s guide would land him a fiancée, he probably wouldn’t have made it in the first place. The only thing he knows for certain, however, is that his plans for an Indian expedition are most assuredly lost.
But before Cordelia and Marshall can embark on a future together, they must contend with an ancient cult, run-ins with the Russians (or are they pirates?), and the mystical secrets hidden in Guernsey folklore—all while managing the ultimate folly…falling in love.


When wild hearts collide in the eye of a storm, anything is possible…

Lady Ariana Wentworth doesn’t care that the future Earl of Warwick would be a suitable match for her. She has no interest in marrying him or anyone else. Unfortunately, her father has other plans—and to her consternation, the deal has already been brokered, the marriage arranged. The only thing she can do now is refuse to meet her intended until the day of their wedding and hope she’ll be able to devise a way out of this fiasco before she’s forced to walk down the aisle.
Or, perhaps the enigmatic and entirely too intriguing storm chaser she just met is the answer to all her prayers …
But before Ariana can even begin to reclaim her independence, she must contend with scandal, attempted murder, and more family drama than she ever thought possible. Who knew the road to happily ever after could be so tempestuous? 


The last thing Raine O'Shea wants is an arranged marriage to wealthy Bollywood Actor, Dev Shukla. Her last chance for true love died with her husband… Right?

Raine just lost the love of her life. If she wants to keep custody of her stepson, she needs to accept a marriage arranged by her late husband's family. But while she's willing to accept another man's proposal, she's not certain she could ever open her heart again. Surely her last chance for true love died along with her husband… Right? 

Bollywood actor Devaj Shukla doesn't have any desire to marry his cousin's widow. But once his mother plays the tradition card, and reminds him of the romantic scandals in his life that would disappear if he got married, he realizes he can't refuse. Besides, he loves the little glimpses of Raine's feisty personality he sees peeking through her pain every now and then. Perhaps an arranged marriage won't be so bad after all.

Before they can consider their future together, they must first face their pasts--and the secrets that still stand between them. When all is said and done, the real question becomes whether or not this marriage will lead to happy ever after...or heartbreak...

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