Daphne Moore

Daphne Moore has been a story teller from her preliterate days. She writes them down now for those out of earshot.

She lives in Ohio, in a small suburb, raising roses and children. She's an aunt to a bunch of humans and two cute dogs.

She writes what she loves- speculative fiction in all forms, with a seasoning of romance.

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Once a leader of the resistance, Nicte bartered her own freedom in exchange for her family’s safety. 

Now, after years of confinement, she’s free…and determined to liberate her people from the Dominion’s reign of blood and terror. However, with no weapon or magic, her only hope is invoking an ancient legend to help her…if he still lives.
Alfonso Gonzales sacrificed his life and his humanity to fend off the Dominion armies. Now possessed by the spirit Ish, he’s retreated to the jungle to live alone in peace. Then he meets Nicte, who will do anything to convince him to join her in leading a new rebellion…
Circle's End is a standalone short story in the magical and intriguing fantasy series, Justiciar’s Redemption.

Her most recent assignment seems routine. If she succeeds, she could lose the only thing she loves… 

CE 2644. Alys Xoticos-Quinn is lucky to be alive. Sentenced to death for a justifiable crime, she’s instead magically compelled to solve problems for the despotic Union. But when her latest mission uncovers government corruption and possessed residents, the political fallout could claim her son… and her life.

Barely surviving a vicious attack from the Wendigo, a legendary spirit of eternal hunger, Alys teams up with a mysterious mage partner. But as the two search for clues to the terrifying possessions, Alys’s enemies are determined to make certain this is her last job. And if she can’t get to the truth in time, the next Wendigo assault may be fatal.

Can Alys protect her son and smash a sinister conspiracy before she loses everything?


The hunt for a traitor. A possessed army. A terrifying vision of the future…

Frost is old. Old in years and old in magic. For generations, she’s been the one who lived…

The only one. 


While on assignment to track down a traitor to the Union, she’s attacked by an overwhelming force of the Ridden. She flees the unwinnable battle, barely escaping with her life. 


With the hard-earned respite, she finds sanctuary with an old ally and his people. 


When the army of possessed creatures finds her at nightfall they attack en masse, slaughtering the folk who took her in. At the height of the battle, with her magic overloading, she is struck with a vision of her own violent death in the future. 


Worse than death, though, is her failure. It’s her fault civilization collapsed, she has to be the one to fix it. 


Refusing to allow her work to remain undone, she determines her only path forward is to prevent her vision from coming true.



With enemies closing in on all sides, can Frost save herself and find the traitor, or is it already too late?

Coming Soon...

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