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Growing up in Florida was not a good enough reason for author, Lisa Barry, to avoid wearing black. A daily color choice, Lisa constantly pines for cool enough weather to wear boots. Living with her supportive (and hot) husband and amazingly awesome kidlets, Lisa counts it a blessing that they still love her despite the deafening sound of her music muse throughout the house. Writing and reading every minute she can, Lisa counts on the cats to keep her keyboard warm and on the countless gargoyles who listen carefully when she reads to them aloud.

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What happens when you fall for one of the things that go bump in the night?

For empath Sloane, love is a joke. When you can read Aura’s, it makes for terrible date material.
While trying to live a normal life, Sloane keeps to herself and trusts no one.

Until she meets sexy Liam, with the unreadable Aura. 

Jumping headlong into the Guardian’s hidden world, Sloane discovers that the creatures of the night are not always the scary bedtime stories she thought.

But some of them are and at least one of them is out to destroy her.

The one bedtime story she wants keeps dancing a step ahead.

You’ll love this action-packed romance because the slow burn heat and twists will keep you chasing the next page.

Kidnapped by a rogue Guardian.

Sloane’s world is turned upside down when she’s seized by her mate, the Guardian she had thought was lost forever.  

No longer the all-star Guardian, Liam’s only care is to take down the man who wants to destroy his kind. 

That is, when he's not getting drunk and singing words of praise about Sloane to the other pub patrons.  

Determined to help, empath Sloane ignores his protests and hits every barrier along the way including his hard chest.  

Will they see the truth in front of them before the war catches up and takes them both down?


The exciting conclusion to the Gargoyles Den Trilogy!

The search continues for the missing. 

Kidnapped and threatened, Verity finds magic in the most surprising place. Will she be able to escape and take her destined place in the world? 

After learning his family history, will Andy embrace it or pretend his new powers don’t exist?

Now out of the Guardian game, can Liam stay satisfied from the sidelines? Is Sloane enough? 

The gargoyle Queen must find her replacement before time runs out. 

Can the Guardians find their new Queen in time? 

Will they end up leaderless and crushed by the things that go bump in the night?

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