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She was working hard to save her daddy's ranch, he was only looking to save himself. Together, they might save each other.

Alice Dayton is doing everything in her power to save her daddy's ranch, including working in a saloon - a job which she hates.
When the man she is in love with unexpectedly comes into the saloon and tells her he is in town for a wedding, she knows she must get an invite at all costs despite his reputation.

Sheriff Silverwood Clay is new in town and has a lot to prove. With his heart and career in tatters after the death of his young wife the previous year and an ugly shootout that left the wrong man dead, Silverwood is determined to put his old life behind him. He feels unworthy of love and with the scar on his face, he doesn't think he'll ever find it again.

With Silverwood's life falling apart and Alice in love with another man, there is little hope for the pair, but when Silverwood becomes the man who can keep her daddy's ranch safe from the man she is in love with, she must learn to let go of the past and embrace the future.

Find out if they can overcome all obstacles and turn a friendship of convenience into everlasting love in this sweet western romance full of cowboys, adventure, turmoil and above all, love.

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