Advertising is an integral part of being an author. While it's not completely impossible to sell books without advertising, it's certainly a lot harder, and for those that do manage to sell without ads, imagine what you can do with ads.

Let Enchanted Quill Press take the stress out of advertising for you.

*Ad spend not included in the price

What we offer

Facebook ad set up and monitoring

Unlike a lot of other companies running Facebook ads, we offer a month-to- month package run from your own account, so not only do you get our services, you also get to see what we do. We don't just set and forget. Ads are monitored and adjusted throughout the month to get the best CPC possible.  

If your ad isn't converting, detailed landing page advice will be given.

Ads work best for those with long series although it's certainly possible to make money on standalones.

$100 per ad 

AMS ad set up

Like our Facebook package, we set your ad up in your own AMS dashboard and monitor it throughout the month.

$50 per ad 

AMS monitoring

Want monitoring only? We can monitor your all your ads throughout the month, making sure they are still performing. We'll do a weekly check on your ads to make sure you have optimum results.  

$100 (up to ten ads)

AMS keywords

Want to run the ads yourself but don't have the time to gather keywords? Let us help you gather the right keywords for your book. 

$50 per 1000 words

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Just want to write and not have to deal with everyting else that comes with being an author?

Our expereienced virtual assistants can help you with the rest. 





Every author needs to have a newsletter. We have years of experience sending newsletters to rabid readers. Let us set up your newsletter service for you.





We have a variety of promotional offers from a one off book blast on our social media to our Author of the Month which includes newsletter and social media shout outs blasted to our rabid readers.